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Photo Heddate - Rules


Rules and Regulations

As with any heddate site Photo Heddate's number one rule is 'Don't be an asshole!', which means you should respect members, and try not to cause a lot of trouble. Also, you must obey things such as copyright laws, and other rules that deal with uploading photo's to Photo Heddate. If you do this, then you should be fine here!

Relevant links:
- What is an asshole?
- Uploading Art Rules
- Why Rules?
- Copyright


Dealing with Offenders

Unfortunately, not everyone likes to follow the rules. However, there is something you can do to help the problem. If you see someone who is breaking one of Photo Heddate's rules, you should report them using the 'send report to guards' button in the House. The MODS and Snoops are constantly scouring houses, and would appreciate your help!
Also if you are harassed by someone it might be useful to block that member.

Relevant links:
- Snoops


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