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Whats copyright you say? You seen pictures with that little
circle the the C in there, usually saying something like
Copyright EJoth 2006 or something like that. Thats a copyright symbol, and it marks protected work, identifying it to a person specifically. The symbol looks like this

It protects litterally everything a person has created, unless they make it public domain. Like some free-to-use sites. All photos on this site automatically are copyrighted to their creators so stealing would not be good for your virtual health here.

Stealing copyrighted works is illegal and in almost all countries will land you in confinement of a sort. And you stealing will lose you money.

Here we simply make it go away, warn you and if you ignore us we make you and your stolen images go away. As stealing copyrighted images, unless they are your own of course, is against the Uploading Art Rules.


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