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What is an asshole?


'Don't be an asshole!' is Photo Heddate's number one rule as is every other heddate site. Aside from the various Uploading Rules, Photo Heddate is rather lax in controlling what you can and cannot do; it's a fun place to be. So why do people have trouble following this simple sentence, this primary guideline? Possibly they just feel like being annoying to everyone else. Or maybe they are just angry and need to vent. Better still, maybe they don't understand it. What does it mean to be an asshole?

An asshole is someone who disrupts the generally tranquil nature of a certain situation or place-more specifically Photo Heddate in this case. This can be brought about by a countless number of things.

Here is a list of the most commonly observed things that could be used to label you as an 'asshole':

- Complete disrespect towards others
= This means that you harass others because of some false claim, or for no reason at all.

- Destruction of other's work on purpose
= This applies to all those that think that ruining someone's wiki-page is funny. It is easily fixed, but that doesn't make it right.

- Abuse of Photo Heddate systems in a way others find offensive
= For example, running around yelling at people to 'cyber' with you isn't the smartest thing you could do.

- Repetitive violations of the Uploading Rules
= You may be upset when one of the MODS takes down your image because it is copyrighted, or random, and so on. However, putting it up again and again is just stupid.

- Repetitive sending of Chain messages
= Chain messages explains what is considered a chain message; they are unwanted as they annoy people and quickly fill message boxes.

But, note:

- Oh Not everyone is getting along with everyone.

  = Just because you hate someone doesn't mean that the Photo Heddate guards consider that member an asshole. If you don't like someone for personal reasons, our tip is to not talk to that person. Starting a war on Photo Heddate because someone has run over your dog will give you the bad title.

Knowing this, some people might ask the question, "Is being an asshole a bannable offense?". The answer is yes, being an asshole can get you banned, but we try to give members plenty of fair chances to change their ways. Just because you get angry once or twice does not mean that you will be banned. It all depends on the situation.

The Crew believes that Photo Heddate should be a fun place for everyone. To be a fun place, we need an environment free of hurtful people. So please, don't be an asshole. Oh, and have a nice day.


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